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Sarah said:
Thursday, 8 Nov 2012
Hello, excellent website. Very helpful as I'm starting my own Nanny Agency in Scotland & I look forward to receiving your newsletter. Best Sarah
Katie said:
Sunday, 4 Sep 2011
Very informative website. Loads of useful information. Thanks
Edna said:
Wednesday, 1 Sep 2010
Thanks for this website.Very informative, I learned a lot from it.
Stephanie said:
Monday, 26 Apr 2010
Fantastic informative website which gains awareness of what to expect both positive and negitive
Jackie said:
Monday, 22 Mar 2010
I am considering employing a nanny as a Nannyshare with a friend, this site has been really useful and made the prospects less daunting.
Yota said:
Sunday, 7 Feb 2010
Congratulations for your site!! I find it extremelly usefull.
Leah said:
Monday, 21 Sep 2009
This website is great and gave me the info I needed. I will defently be using this in the future.
Samantha said:
Friday, 3 Jul 2009
I am looking to become a nanny as I have recently qualified and I have found this site very useful! :)
Amanda said:
Sunday, 17 May 2009
Very informative website.
Chantelle said:
Tuesday, 5 May 2009
This is a very useful website. Im hoping to become a nannie when I leave school and to experiance other families in different places in the world. Thanks ever so much.
Leena.S said:
Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009
Hello ! I think it is a highly useful page for both a job seeker and an employer.So as a job provider I would like to hear current developments in Nanny employment.
Helen said:
Monday, 13 Apr 2009
Excellent website, thank you.
Hannah said:
Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009
Am looking into becoming a nanny, your website is very helpful. Thank You.
Cornelia said:
Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009
Thank you so much for free newsletter in my e-mail.
Marie said:
Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008
Enjoy helping and making a diference in people's lives
Kelly said:
Saturday, 9 Aug 2008
A very informative web site